This blog is about rebalancing the economic evironment of the UK (must remember to edit this bit if Scotland decides to leave or we boot them out). I decided to use the handle ‘Free Market Zen’ and the strap line ‘Rebalancing Capitalism’ because I felt it captured the essence of what I think we need to do to have a brilliant country to live in:

  1. Reform the monetary system. Why governments issue bonds and get us tax payer in debt rather than money does not make sense
  2. Curb speculation on assets. By this I mean, mostly, no more housing bubbles. Houses are for living in, they are not an investment
  3. Re-build our productive economy to make the UK more self-sufficient and get exports up
  4. Break up big organisations into smaller more accountable and manageable chunks. This means the government and big companies. No idea how this is going to work, so join me on this particular  journey of discovery

I will not be talking about conspiracy. It could all be one gigantic conspiracy, ‘ The Matrix’ might be exactly how we live. I prefer to assume (rightly or wrongly) that when people do things that are obviously silly, then either they are looking after number one and need to think more about their neighbours or they do not understand WTF is going on. I would suggest that 99% of stuff that happens falls into the latter category.

I’m sure that free markets that nurture new ideas and entrepreneurial get up and go will make the UK a great place to live, I do not have a problem with people getting rich or even super rich. I do feel however that your tax rate should not reduce as you earn more, you should not avoid paying tax that’s due and that everyone has a fair crack of the whip.

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